Where have all the downloads gone?

This is actually explained quite simply… at least I’ll try. Last year IPS had announced that they are going to close the Marketplace and the future of InvisionFocus was uncertain too. So I had to create my own site.

I already had a small blog with WordPress running on this domain, but the Invision Community Suite would have been much better for such a project. I needed the downloads module for the update checker and a forum for support anyway.

So I converted one of my old licenses into a new Classic and reupped everything there. I also copied over my articles from Focus and translated lots of them into English. The rest of the site was actually just demo content from various databases.

Recently I had the opportunity to team up with Sonya* again, so I decided to make her site the new home of my stuff. Also let’s be honest, I never wanted to have my own community, especially not to run the whole site bilingually and so on.

Now all my files are hosted exclusively at INVISIONify and I also have a subforum there for the support threads. Apart from that, I don’t have to worry about anything and can concentrate on the essentials, namely working on the addons themselves.

This site is now back to what it was before. A simple little blog where I can write about anything that comes to mind. And, above all, completely in German… well, apart from this info page of course.

I would like to thank all users and apologize for the inconvenience. You know, first registering on my old site and now again on the new one, the downtimes during the changeover …

Cya on INVISIONify