Hero Image

A hero image (sometimes referred to as a hero header) is a large image banner at the top of a website. It serves as an introduction to both the website and the company. This app is much more, it’s packed with lots of great features such as …

  • Groups – Which user groups will see the image
  • Themes – In which themes it will be displayed
  • Pages – Display on request globally, on selected „Pages“, or only above the forum. This system is quite extensible and can be extended to other applications like downloads, commerce and even third party applications if you don’t want to have it everywhere automatically. Just ask me in the support thread if you are interested.
  • Button – The call-to-action can optionally be disabled.
  • Size – Height and width of the image can be configured separately for desktop and mobile.
  • Multilingual – All texts (headline, content and button) can be customized for any installed language!

And here it comes …

  • Members – If activated, you can use a different image and completely different texts for logged in users. Of course also in every language.

All this as always without visible copyrights and completely for free.

What do you mean, it costs nothing? Is there no catch? No, I use it myself and like to share.